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+ Standard Integrative Enneagram Report (22 pages)

+ High-Performance Coaching Material

+ Enneagram Workbook

Minimum 12 people / Maximum 26 people

Saturday 09h00 - 17h00


2 x Weekdays (17h30 - 21h30)

At last, an approach to the human condition that utilises both psychological understanding and relational engagement. The Enneagram creates the ideal platform for working with the motivation and behaviours of individuals within the closest relationships, and still gives a 'tool box' for thriving together going forward. We learn to understand the 'core me' better, thus becoming more equipped to understand the 'core you'. This results in a deep, patient and un-judgemental view into each others behaviours, reactions, needs, insecurities, emotions and benchmarks.


The Enneagram increases our self-awareness, it is a precursor to developing our emotional intelligence. There are many different facets to ourselves, which we may choose to divulge or conceal, assuming we are cognizant of them, and that other people may see things that we don't yet recognise about ourselves. It even allows for unknown territory about which we and others may be unaware. 

Once we become aware of the potential gaps between how we see ourselves and how others experience us, we can then start the personal work necessary to develop any areas that are inconsistent with how we want to be and be seen.

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