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+ Professional Integrative Enneagram Report (42 pages)

*PLEASE NOTE - Only for those who have attended the Radical Results Team Workshop

+ Integrative Enneagram TEAM Report

+ High-Performance Coaching Material

Minimum 12 people / Maximum 22 people

Weekdays 08h30 - 16h30

Working effectively in teams requires high-levels of collaboration, trust, and interactive decision-making between diverse members and personalities. Therefore, much of the conflict and friction in teams is the result of misunderstandings or differences between the members perspectives.


A language for understanding, discussing and leveraging their diverse perspectives and strengths

Improved communication, understanding different members approaches to conflict, and respect and leverage the gifts of each individual within the team

Scales to apply to teams, going beyond illuminating the challenges each person may experience in a team environment as a result of their individual type

Assists the team in decoding and describing how the teams diverse perspectives blend into a set of unique collective drivers and dynamics, reflecting their collective Enneagram team style and the gifts and potential challenges they might face

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